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grab rails for disabled-practical tips.

Uchwyty dla niepełnosprawnych - praktyczne wskazówkiBSD production grab rails for disabled are characterized by the highest quality the use of solutions that enhance comfort. At the same time, it is interesting to note that the grab rails will actually meet their role when several factor will be taken into account during selection, then arrangement and mounting.

Grab rails for disabled are a whole range of products-simple rail, washbasin handrail, single shower handrail, angled wall handrail, angled handrail etc. They are usually used as a support for hygiene equipment. So it is important to arrange them correctly

Grab rails for disabled should be easily accessible and remain in sight.

Grab rails should be fastened in a permanent and stable way. The wall, where they will be attached must be solid full. In another case, for example, while mounting a rail on a drywall, it is necessary to apply appropriate strengthening. Alternatively, there are special floor rails, which are attached to the floor.

Normally it is assumed that the optimum height of mounting horizontal grab rails for disabled is 75-85 cm from the floor. Of course, specific circumstances should always be taken into account. A lot depends on the height and body-build of a disabled person (it is assumed that in case of a disabled person, rails take the load equal to three times the body weight).

To make a solution fully comfortable and safe, we have to take into account all individual factors – this applies to both the choice of a particular kind of rails, as well as the place and the method of assembly.

One of the most popular solutions are by-the-wall, all-in-one grab rails for disabled guests. Grab rails may be fixed or mobile. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally. All of this makes it relatively easy to work out the optimal solution with their use.

Not all bathrooms and toilets have the conditions for mounting permanent-fixed grab rails – sometimes they could significantly reduce the manouvering space. It is best then to apply a tilting grab rail for disabled. Such a solution is recommended particularly in those places where there is a need for a larger number of grab rails, for example, next to a toilet bowl.

Firma BSD offers grab rails for disabled in different lengths and diameters, from 2 to 3.5 cm. As a rule,older users, whose hands efficiency is reduced , prefer more convenient thicker rails.

When choosing grab rails for disabled from our offer, consider special-purpose rails. These include rails with paper holders, turning soap dispensers, and towel hangers.

Grab rails and handrails for disabled should be made of high-grade or stainless steel or possibly paint coated. BSD company strictly keeps this standard.

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