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BSD - Krzesełka dla osób niepełnosprawnychChairs for people with disabilities

In BSD offer, you will find a variety of products that allow building the most favorable shower for disabled people. While developing each of these products, we took into account any practical and functional factors and specific nature of most bathroom spaces.

We offer our customers a wide selection of chairs and shower benches. They can be assembled as fixed or tilting. Some of them have armrests and rear backrest – that makes a shower for disabled significantly better suited to the needs of some users, enabling them independent bathing in comfort. Another solution are portable stools, which can be used in other areas of the bathrooms or the room.

Within this product category we have tilting chairs made of stainless steel or powder coated, shower stools and suspended benches.

BSD - wyposażenie i akcesoria dla osób niepełnosprawnych | Poręcze i uchwyty dla niepełnosprawnych

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