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Production process - BSD - Najlepsze Rozwiązania dla Niepełnosprawnych

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Production process

Handrails and grabrails for disabled

Each produc toffered by BSD is made from the highest quality materials providing both durability and comfort. The perfection of the product is also a result of a detailed examination that we regularly do on each of the several stages of production. Such a restrictive approach has been appreciated by clients and professionals-our products have any required certificates, permitting them to be used by people with various degrees of mobility limitations. By ordering, you invest in quality confirmed by independent experts.

Hand-made, designed in every detail accessories are the highest class equipment that works well in many situations. Grab rails for disabled, seats and other accessories can be mounted in the bathroom and by the bed, as well as in any other place, where improving the comfort of using is vital.

Thanks to the wide range and choice of many variants, it is easy to customize BSD products to suit them to the décor, the nature of the room or user’s preferences. Our offer includes powder-coated or acid resistant stainless steel accessories, in different sizes and shapes. Proper finishing is always included in the set.

BSD Clients

Użytkownicy akcesoriów BSD to naprawdę pokaźna grupa. Do tej pory sprzedaliśmy już kilkaset tysięcy egzemplarzy takich produktów jak:

  • uchwyty dla niepełnosprawnych,
  • poręcze,
  • elementy prysznicowe,
  • baterie łazienkowe i wiele innych.

The feedback that we receive from you regularly let us believe that what we do, we do well.

BSD - wyposażenie i akcesoria dla osób niepełnosprawnych | Poręcze i uchwyty dla niepełnosprawnych

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