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Strefa kąpielowa – wanna dla niepełnosprawnych ● BSD

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Bathing zone-bathtub for disabled

Strefa kapielowa - wanna dla niepełnosprawnych

A bathroom for disabled people is often equipped with a bathtub. Such a solution requires specific solutions.

In the case of the tub, grab rails to facilitate getting up, going in and out should be mounted.

The length of the bathtub is chosen to meet the needs of an individual user (probably not less than 150 cm). Optimal width is 70-80 cm.

The depth of the tub usually varies within 42-38 cm. The height of the bathtub entrance should be similar to the height of the wheelchair, that is around 48-50 cm.

Bathroom for disabled where a bathtub is used should be equipped with special, on-top benches-seats, which, when mounted on the tub prevent its moving during getting in or out.

To minimize the risk of falling, a rug or a non-slip mat should be next to the tub.

Taps can be turned on by lever, button, or automatically. Do not use taps or faucets operated with valves.

Water supply hose of a shower handset should be minimum 150 cm long. Make sure there is a convenient opportunity to hang a shower head. It is also important to allow easily move a shower head manually.

If the bathtub curtain has been applied, it should not obstruct the use of the facilities and the move from a wheelchair to a tub. The curtain rod may not be attached to the edge of the tub.

Keep in mind that security is essential when designing a bathroom for disabled. Security is in paying attention to details. The bottom of the tub should be textured. However, if it is not possible, we recommend to use a mat or mattress at the bottom of the tub. The mats are usually perforated or they have insets, made of special plastic or rubber and available in several sizes.

Grab bars should be mounted at a height of 85-90 cm from the floor, however, not less than 25 cm above the bath. Preferably, handrails should be both by the longer and shorter side of the bathtub.

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