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Comfortable bathroom for disabled – additional accesories

Comfortable bathroom for disabled should take into account comprehensive solutions.

Basic sanitary hygienic equipment zones should be supplemented by additional accessories, such as soap dispensers, paper containers, waste bins, or electrical socket. These elements create an individual character of the room. The comfort of a bathroom for disabled depends on them to a large extend.

Practical tips:

Furniture and all sorts of cabinets should be arranged in such a way that, on the one hand, do not take a free manouvre space, on the other hand, are fully accessible. Therefore, it is recommended to hang the cabinets at a height of approximately 35-40 cm from the floor level. Thanks to that, all of the shelves and drawers are located within easy reach of the person moving in a wheelchair. The angle of the doors open should be 180 degrees. This wide opening angle will provide people with disabilities full access and convenience of use of the cabinets. Another possibility is to use sliding doors, blinds or shutters.

It is advisable to equip a bathroom for disabled with most secure solutions. That is why all glass elements of bathroom accesories should be made of safety glass, that is laminated or hardened glass, sometimes wired glass.

Electrical sockets should be fitted with an waterproof flap protecting from water splash. They must be away from water sources by at least 60 cm. Sockets mounting height shall be within 40-110 cm from the floor level.

Selection of accessories and utensils that have blurred and round shapes is a very important aspect of security. The same principle applies to the edge of the bathtub, furniture tops and all the corners.

Waste bins must be located in an easily accessible place and should not be opened with a leg.

Radiators located in rooms for disabled people ought to be provided with a special cover that prevents direct contact with the heating element.

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