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Washbasin for disabled-practical tips.


Before fitting grab rails or handrails for disabled, remember that the free maneuvering space before the washbasin must be a minimum of 90 × 120 cm – assuming that the longer axis of the rectangle lies on the axis of the basin. No more than 45 cm of this space may be under the washbasin.

A washbasin should be suspended so that its bottom is located above the knees of the person sitting in the wheelchair. Flat bottom and specially shaped front edge of the washbasin create a space for free access for a wheelchair and using the device.

The recommended width of washbasins is a minimum of 60 cm. Mounting height of the upper edge of the wash basin may not exceed 80 cm.

Washbasins must be wall-mounted without pedestals or cabinets beneath them. That’s why a basin siphon should be mounted by the basin, and placed directly by the wall or built into the wall, so as not to reduce the space for knees of a wheelchair user.

Near the washbasins wall fixed,permanent or folding grab rails and handrails are mounted – of the lengths of 55 to 70 cm. They facilitate independent, free movement.

The use of a washbasin is much more convenient when a tap with long medical rails is mounted. These grab rails allow smooth water stream and temperature regulation, even with the help of an elbow. Another easy solution is electronic tap, equipped with sensors, which automatically turn on the device, if hands are within range of the motion sensor. It is worth paying attention if the tap is equipped with a hot-stop anti-scald system. This is particularly important if it is used by elderly and children. The distance from the tap to the front edge of washbasin is up to 40 cm. Do not use taps or faucets operated with valves.

It is recommended that the mirror was installed directly above the washbasin at a height of a minimum 100 cm from the floor. Preferably, the position of a mirror should allows looking ito it both by a person seated and standing. It is recommended to mount a folding mirror with an angle adjustable horizontally.

In public toilets, sinks zone must be provided with a single lever soap dispensers, containers for paper towels, garbage bin, as well as a hair dryer.


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