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Drzwi i okna dla niepełnosprawnych - praktyczne wskazówki

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Doors and windows

A front door is the first barrier on a disabled person’s way to the bathroom. Wrong dimensions door can hinder or even prevent access to the room. When designing a bathroom for people with moving limits it must be remembered to adapt windows appropriately , so their use would not be a problem for disabled.

Doors and windows-practical tips

  • The door width cannot be not less than 90 cm, but should also not exceed 1 m. Weight of the door wider than 100 cm is already so large that persons with disabilities find it difficult to open and close freely.
  • High threshold step is one of the largest architectural barriers for people in wheelchairs. The best solution would be a complete elimination of the threshold, however, due to the architectural considerations of older buildings it is usually impossible. Therefore, it is recommended to use reducer strips with a small descent, which reduce the difference in levels between the rooms. They can be mounted permanently or temporarily.
  • There is another solution provided for glass doors. Protectors should be applied to the bottom edge of a door, the secure it from the impacts of the wheels of a wheelchair. It is also worth remembering, that the height of this security shall not be less than 40 cm. The recommended solution is to use a pane with a safety glass.
  • Handles should be operated with one hand and not require rotation of the wrist, strong grab or grip. They cannot be lower than 80 cm and higher than 120 cm from the floor level.
  • A window in the room adapted for disabled, must be fitted with a device to facilitate its opening. Also, please remember to locate the device no higher than 120 cm.

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