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Why choose BSD

Purchase directly from the manufacturer

Customer is purchasing directly from the producer (we are focused on direct sales to the final user)

Our Sales path: Producer-Client

Competition’s sales path: A producer (for example German) – a representative/importer to Poland – distributor – wholesale store – construction company or retail store – customer (four intermediaries)

We often have to write explanations of the winnings tenders why our products are so cheap. It is due to the fact that the estimates of investor include prices of a foreign competition, often four times higher. In addition, we organize a series of promotional events in our company’s online stores.

Execution of individual orders.

In addition we make products for individual orders, with different sizes, shapes, colors and materials, stainless steel, acid-resistant in polished and satin versions, in diameters of the tube fi25, 30, and 32.

For the designer, architect

We provide technical support, consultancy in the selection of appropriate rails in accordance with the regulations, for individual customers, technical departments, designers, etc. We are able to find the correct grab rails in accordance with the provisions of law on the basis of a short phone call or handwritten sketches, projects. We provide MATERIALS for designers, architects and interior designers by drawings and DWG, OBJ, 3Dmax files . On the basis of the current regulations, we have developed a guide for a designer how to make a bathroom for disabled.

Valuation of investments, cooperation offer for trading companies

We prepare very attractive individual valuation for investments,also for partners from the European Union.
We sell wholesale based on permanent contracts. Possibility of packing a series of products with the client’s logo and the brand name

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